Blood in the streets

Combining two sessions:

Queen Jorian Cavasco had a public display: both a royal declaration of innocence, and execution. She executed Hanan Moran for his role in leading the mechanists to kill Constructor Amedus. She declared the killing of the Constructor a murder, and a capital crime. She also declared Duke Anestes innocent of the murder of Benjamin Phellips whose possessions had been found on the Anestes estate. (His body had also been discovered on the Anestes estate, but McClaren helped ensure that the body was never discovered.) The Queen also declared a warrant for the arrest of on suspicion of Benjamin’s death, when a cloud of smoke appeared and in the confusion, Duke Anestes was killed, leaving his son, Aaron Anestes, cradling his fathers lifeless body on the execution scaffolding as soldiers hurried the queen to the safety of the castle. Dara was able to follow a dressed as a page, who changed outfits to resemble a milkmaid. The girl cleaned off the blade thoroughly using a stashed cleaning kit in an alley. This girl then headed directly for the estate of Countess Douglass where she disappeared. Dara was able to take the dagger to Jascous who will undoubtedly investigate the matter.

Shep meanwhile ran into a group of pagans who were cackling something about “planting the seeds” and that he couldn’t stop them. Deciding that he probably ought to try stopping them, shep lead Team Shep (still needs a better name) into the sewers. Ellyn followed her nose to find a group of 15 or so Pagans in the middle of a blood ritual, allowing blood to flow from the bodies of victims suspended from the ceiling into a giant red flower that smelled like blood and moldy cheese.

Give it up for Ellyn, following the smell of human tracks through a medieval sewer system.



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