Freeing thomas part 1!

Helloooo father Hotness

The group decided to look for Brother Thomas for his advice, but he had been kidnapped! Serenity asked the group for help, and revealed that he had been captured by the Mechanists and was being held at the Hammerite Cathedral. In order to free him, the group created a daring plan that involved Fiora and Ellen giving a priest a holy vision.

Ellyn used one of Dara’s IgnoreMe potions and was able to sneak into St. Jenel’s building. Fiora was able to “find a room unlocked” and Ellyn and Fiora hid in the bedroom of a priest. A muscular priest, with brilliant eyes and a toned body walked in, finding his room strangely unlocked. He knelt to pray at his shrine, and Ellyn conjured a Spirit Light while Fiora spoke to him. She told him that he had been chosen to ascend in the Hammerite Leadership, and that he should root out corruption. He would receive a sign. He forges some chains and hangs them around his window

Fiora and Ellyn are able to leave after he falls asleep, and sneak through the graveyard. Fiora made it to the wall, while Ellyn crept through the graveyard. There she discovered some shadowy figures wandering through the graves at night. Eventually, Fiora and Ellyn were able to make it over the wall, but had to leave their rope behind.

In preparation of the fiery day, Ellyn and Fiora bought several containers filled with Lantern oil – kerosine.


For a limited time Dara’s IgnoreMe™ products will be available from… um… a place. And they only cost… um… dammnit.

Freeing thomas part 1!

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