Meldovia is bordered by Tukaria to the east, and Gerrosphier to the northwest. To the south west is the Caldian ocean. The Premius river flows from the Duravan mountains to the north east, and splits at Dorovan into the Felexus and Homean rivers. The Homean river flows southeast and joins with the Heron river, before both flow west into the sea. The Felexus river flows southwest from Dorovan into the Caldian ocean as well. Dorovan is placed at the juncture of these two mighty rivers and has thusly grown into the capital of Meldovia.

The Obsidion mountains north of Borstein are right below (south of) the green sea, which is a high elevation sea. There are said to be a large number of sea monsters in the lake, and many of the fish caught there are poisonous, so it is a sparsely habited region. Beyond the Duravan mountains to the north are the Meritu tribes – a forrest land filled with regional tribes who regularly fight over the best hunting grounds.

North of the Meritu lands is the Arichest empire. The Arichest are fameous for being culturally and militarily advanced. To the East, Tukaria is a powerful nation which is much flatter than Meldovia. It has vast farmland, and is famous for having some of the best horses in Korona.

Gerrosphier is a coastal country which is famous for producing expensive oils, dyes, and is a center of philosophical thought. It has slowly gathered a reputation for guile and bloodshed – there have been several coups over the past fifty years, and several of its greatest thinkers have given rise to a new philosophy – Veshitism – which believes that enlightenment is obtained by gaining power (social, political, and physical) over others.

Dorovan is built at the juncture of the Premius, Flexus, and Homean rivers. It has slowly expanded to both sides of the Flexus and Homean, resulting in a massive city. Farmers from nearby hills are able to easily bring food in. Dorovan itself is notable for its massive walls which encompass the city and are surrounded by fertile countryside.

The Castle is built on a slight hill on the southern end of the city along with barracks and two massive jousting fields, and artillary and archery ranges. There are large gates on the east and west of the central city connected to bridges. These massive bridges have been built across the Flexus and Homean rivers, connecting to extensions of Dorovan, also walled. In the city there is a large Bazar (market), an enormous Hammerite temple, a merchant and university district. The western extension is plagued with a certain amount of poverty, and the eastern expansion houses additional farmers, cobblers, and smiths. The recent influx of refugees has caused issue in the eastern expansion and slums have sprung up as a result.

In the central city there are two estates – the Douglass, and Verona estates. In the western expansion lives Duke Anestes, and in the eastern section Duke Lenos. Each of these four estates has private grounds and a small keep of varying sizes.


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