Current Missions

There are a number of things going on in the city that probably merit your attention.

Duke Anestes has been arrested for the murder of a page in connection with the murder of King Cavasco. It looks like the evidence was planted by someone who paid of guards to find the page’s clothes under some rocks on the Duke’s estate. This raises many questions.

The Hammerite Cathedral has been destroyed by rampant plant growth recently, and the destruction has thrown the entire Hammerite church into disarray. The Eye has probably gone missing – possibly even stolen. Possibly by the person who bought a detailed map of the Cathedral just last week.

Countess Douglass is looking forward to her new clothes to be made to her specifications by Fiora and Vivica.

Criminals have apparently been disappearing from prisons in the Western Quarter under the watchful eye of Sheriff Hourst and sent to an underground factory outside of town owned by Mechanists. The Mechanists seem to be slowly amassing large numbers of mechanical men.

The Mechanists have asked you to find evidence that the Content Not Found: constructor is using dark magics so that they may depose him as leader of the Hammerite church. They are willing to pay you handsomely for this.

Content Not Found: Terronus, head of the Pagans is willing to reward you handsomely in exchange for the eye, which the Hammerites have in their Cathedral.

Content Not Found: shep is working on his new smuggling operation which may involve dragging wine in sealed creates along the bottom of the Premius river.

Current Missions

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