Sneaky bard. Definitely not a thief.


There is absolutely nothing shady about this talented bard who has a talent for sneaking around in the dark and finding doors unlocked. Like all bards, Fiora can be very convincing and empathetic at times. She radiates innocence.

She has also traveled frequently (learning new stories and songs), and therefore knows something of the ways of city folk of every economic status and can usually find contacts where she needs them.

Fiora has a good bit of book learning, and feels at home in libraries. In fact, that’s where she goes when she disappears at night. To the library.


Though born in the same village as the rest of the group, from a young age Fiora has traveled frequently in pursuit of her art. At no time did she turn to other means than her music to achieve the lifestyle she desired. Her varied acquaintance is because everybody loves music.


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