Duke Anestes

Lord of the Western Quarter


Duke Carver Anestes is a proud man hailing from the western parts of Meldovia where the Anestes family owns huge tracts of land. Seven years ago he was able to defeat a crime syndicate under the infamous Kozo. He has moved into Dorivan to help clean up the city and have a stronger presence at the capital. Unfortunately after King Cavasco’s death, relations seem to have been strained between the Aneste’s family and the Royal Cavascos. Kov has recently uncovered evidence that Duke Anestes does not like Queen Cavasco and feels as though the country would be much better lead by someone else. Preferably someone with closer blood ties to Meldovia.

He has recently been arrested for the murder of a page boy named Benjamin Phellips, specifically in connection with the possible murder of King Cavasco.

Duke Anestes was pardoned, right before being killed by an assassin


Duke Anestes

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