Duchess Verona

Cunning Lady of Wine


Duchess Verona is one of the four Lords and Ladies you have been sent to spy on. She is intelligent, intimidating, and a skilled swordswoman. She owns a large amount of land to the south, and has personally defended the southern coast of Meldovia from invaders on at least three occasions.

Vivica was hired as a guard on Duchess Verona’s estate before she betrayed the Duchess’s confidence. Ellyn has begun work there as a washerwoman. It is noted that the Duchess has hired a large number of “gardeners” who seem to be expert swordsmen. From Vivica’s report:

“The estate comfortably houses four hundred people, but has been modified recently to accommodate nearly five hundred and fifty. Nearly forty new gardeners and smiths have been hired in the past month. You have noticed that most of these gardeners are curiously skilled at archery and swordsmanship, and the smiths have been making lots of weapons and armor. The pages seem to be versed in several languages, and the castle hospital and herbalism staff seems to be importing large amounts of sulfur. If you didn’t know any better, it would seem like the entire castle was based on tax-evasion. "


Duchess Verona

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