Blood in the streets

Combining two sessions:

Queen Jorian Cavasco had a public display: both a royal declaration of innocence, and execution. She executed Hanan Moran for his role in leading the mechanists to kill Constructor Amedus. She declared the killing of the Constructor a murder, and a capital crime. She also declared Duke Anestes innocent of the murder of Benjamin Phellips whose possessions had been found on the Anestes estate. (His body had also been discovered on the Anestes estate, but McClaren helped ensure that the body was never discovered.) The Queen also declared a warrant for the arrest of on suspicion of Benjamin’s death, when a cloud of smoke appeared and in the confusion, Duke Anestes was killed, leaving his son, Aaron Anestes, cradling his fathers lifeless body on the execution scaffolding as soldiers hurried the queen to the safety of the castle. Dara was able to follow a dressed as a page, who changed outfits to resemble a milkmaid. The girl cleaned off the blade thoroughly using a stashed cleaning kit in an alley. This girl then headed directly for the estate of Countess Douglass where she disappeared. Dara was able to take the dagger to Jascous who will undoubtedly investigate the matter.

Shep meanwhile ran into a group of pagans who were cackling something about “planting the seeds” and that he couldn’t stop them. Deciding that he probably ought to try stopping them, shep lead Team Shep (still needs a better name) into the sewers. Ellyn followed her nose to find a group of 15 or so Pagans in the middle of a blood ritual, allowing blood to flow from the bodies of victims suspended from the ceiling into a giant red flower that smelled like blood and moldy cheese.

Give it up for Ellyn, following the smell of human tracks through a medieval sewer system.
Invasion of the Cathedral Part 3

Viveka and Ellyn watch on as Dara tends to Kov’s wounds, and prisoners nervously fiddle with the weapons of torture they grabbed before dashing into the eerily lit hallway. Heavy footsteps echo down the hallway of Hammerites rushing to defend their Monastery from invaders. Viveka and Ellyn take the prisoners and rush to the bend in the hallway and gaze down to see an onrushing horde of hammerites, led by three smiths and followed by a lumbering Divine Machination (robot).

Viveka looks at the half-starved prisoners in rags and Ellyn, whose primary skills are waiting tables and washing clothes. She sighs slowly.

“Okay, everyone just follow my lead. I’ll go first and hold their attention. Everyone else attack from the sides if you can. If you get hurt, take up a defensive position and fall back slowly. We need to give Dara as much time as she needs to, in order to help Kov. If we stick together, we’ll be better at handling any…”

It was the deep basso growl coming from right next to her that first attracted Viveka’s attention, but the muscles rippling beneath a fine sheen of fur on Ellyn’s suddenly massive body really held it.

“….surprises..” Viveka half whispers. Gasps ring out from the prisoners, and at least one pair of finger pliers clatters to the ground as five of them take of running down the hallway.

Ellyn’s growl turned into a deep throated snarl, as she launched her 500 pound predatory instinct on the hallway, and leapt at the oncoming Hammerites.

To say that the smith was surprised to see the mass of canines and claws leaping through the air is somewhat of an understatement. Religious conviction gave the smiths the deep devout courage and strength to deal with the evils of this world, but it became clear from the disbelieving shrieks of terror that their religious schooling had not given them any warning about what danger would look like when it stared them in the face.

Viveka finished drawing the runes on her sword, and charged in with the glowing light of it’s blade casting a reddish light against the blue hue of the hallway. Enormous mallets crushed the hulking furry form fighting the Smiths in the hallway. Claws seized helmets and tore through flesh beneath. Smiths were slammed into each other, and with a massive roar, the were-Ellyn lifted a smith in two massive hands and ripped the screaming man in half.

Viveka dove in to slice cleanly through the neck of a hammerite about to deliver a vicious blow to Ellyn’s flank. Shouts went up as her glowing blade danced on the edges of darkness. Parried blows let out clear rings as screams and gruesome ripping noises slide over the stones.

Meanwhile, Shep moves deeper into the monastery, searching for Brother Thomas and finds him sitting in a disease-infested pit with twenty other victims of the Hammerites’ judgement. Shep rests near Brother Thomas and checks his pulse. There is barely any movement in his throat, and a deep wound on his head has clearly become infected. Shep glances around at the other prisoners who stare at him with a mixture of hope and dread.

“Are you an angel?” “Did ”/characters/serenity" class=“wiki-content-link”>Serenitysend you?"

“Peace child, blessings will be few in coming i am afraid. let us use our lives in true service to a greater good. But do not fear, for light shines the brightest at the darkest hour”

Shep gazes into their eyes, and they are filled with an unnatural calm, one by one. He then examines the walls closely, and fines a place where a number of the stones have fallen in. He can get them out of here, but he will need help.

“I need you to help me. some of these people can be saved. Some are dead already. I need you to gather those who still live here where there is not as much filth, While you do this, i will need to test the blood of the fallen to ensure what has happened to them will not spread. It is a grisly business, but it must be done, get to it”

Shep takes from the blood of the recently deceased, and flexes his lifeless muscles. Razor sharp claws sprout from his fingers as he begins clawing at the walls, pulling chunks of rock and dirt into the pit. Bit by bit he makes his way to the surface, and finally breaks free into the night!


Fiora runs up the stairs, nimble as a cat. The heavy sound of metal boots stone stair thuds up after her. Fiora glances over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the congregation of hammer-wielding churchgoers follow her up the stairs like…. an angry mob of weapon-wielding churchgoers. Who happen to have been trained with martial weapons.

What they hadn’t been taught how to do was pick locks under pressure. With a snap of her wrist, Fiora pulled out a special set of lockpicks and in a matter of seconds had the door open, and then closed firmly behind her. She held her breath as the stampede came running up. She didn’t wait to risk being caught, so she immediately looped a rope around the bedframe and repelled out the window into the night. What she saw took her breath away, in the form of hurricane-force winds.

The entire courtyard was being tossed about by wind. At the center of it, Serenity was floating, suspended in space with an enormous wingspan and an eerie light surrounding her. She spoke with a voice that shook the monastary’s foundations.

“I am Seris Munavidi. You have slain the righteous and exalted the wicked. You have have neglected the poor and the hungry while building altars of arrogance. You have imprisoned the souls of the destitute and blasphemed life itself. The righteous should take shelter, for the wicked shall find none. Look into your hearts, and know why you have been judged.”

A voice whispered in the ears of our heroes. “It would be best if the just covered their ears now.”

and then in a sinister voice..

“Your builder cannot save you now. "

Shep was carrying Brother Thomas to the surface when he heard him whisper “No Serenity… don’t do it..”

And with that Serenity dove into the ground and shoved a gale force of wind into the dirt, creating a pressure wave that collapsed tunnels throughout the monastary. The cathedral, covered in fire collapsed and fell into the collapsed network below.

By the time she was finished, Ellyn had killed over a dozen hammerites, and had taken at least that many hits in the head and shoulders with enormous hammers. Blood covered the now slick floor, and her eyes flickered over to Viveka, thirsty for blood. She was able to regain her composure and she, Kov, Viveka, and Dara made their way out to the surface through the rubble. They were able to meet up with Shep and Serenity, who had managed to get Brother Thomas out of the hole and healed by Serenity’s graces, no doubt. The group grabbed a heavily damaged robot, and made their way back home through the Sewers.

Invasion of the Cathedral part 2
Sucks to be Kov.

Realizing that this is a balls-deep situation, Shep dives deep into the manufacturing facilities beneath the Hammerite Cathedral. Our group heroically charges in after shep, taking the time to A) leave Kov behind so that he can get his leg broken by a dangerous rock-throwing robot, and B) assault a priest who was kind enough to keep the hammerites from arresting them into unconsciousness, and then stripping him naked.

Our heroes waste no time in infiltrating the manufacturing facility beneath, and using the priest’s clothes, send Fiora out dressed as a fashion-blind hammerite, requesting the help of all the hammerites working the forge. They immediately recognize her as one of the infiltrators, and charge up the stairs after her, chasing her up to the administration rooms where fiora makes a daring escape through a locked room and out the window.

Meanwhile, Ellyn, Vivica, Dara, and Kov make their way onto the elevator leading up to the halls that will lead down to the interrogation rooms. They make it up to the higher level, but Kov is shot with a machine-powered javelin through the neck and shoulders, and Dara carries him into the upper halls. Vivica and Ellyn make their way down to the torture chambers, only to find guards fighting rats. They quickly work to dispatch the guards using the surprise of their ignore-me potions, but do not find Brother Thomas! They meet back up with Dara and Kov-the-barely-conscious, only to hear the metalic onslaught of boots and huge metal feet charging down the hallway. They cannot flee quickly with Kov injured, but can they face the furious onslaught of Elite Hammerite Smiths? (Probably, considering the shoddy state of security around here recently.)

"Have fun storming the Cathedral!"
Bonfire party

The group downs “forget-me-not” potions provided by Dara, and the group makes their way to the cathedral. The team climbs up the scaffolding and makes their way in through a second story window. The team pours kerosine on the outside scaffolding, and looks inside to find two giant metal robot golems patroling around the inside of the Cathedral. Ellyn tries to sneak by them, but is spotted despite her potion. Dara throws a moltov cocktail onto the robot, and lights it on fire. Everyone scrambles off the scaffolding and bolts for different corners of the room. Kov falls, and is smashed beneath the foot of one of the giant creatures, breaking arms and ribs. Shep takes one look at the fire and heads out of the Cathedral, Ellyn leading the way. Serenity tackles the Golem, and gets thrown back, while Kov ducks between some pews to hide. Vivicka and Dara rush to light fires in other parts of the cathedral, and then take of running. Serenity suddenly sprouts enormous wings from her back and floats in air, creating an enormous gale that turns the flaming cathedral into a fire tornado. Kov is able to summon a spirit which begins melting one of the golems. Ellyn was able to make it to the back and convince a Smith that she was a Damsel in distress with the help from her great-great-great-great grandfather’s spirit. She and Shep are able to sneak into St. Yora’s. Everyone else gets held up by Smiths who are highly suspicious of them running out of a very recently arsoned Cathedral. Several of the smiths rush into the Cathedral, only to be terrified by the sight of an Angel with a sword and shield surrounded by a fire tornado floating in the middle of the Cathedral.

The alarms have been raised of course, and the Hammerites are arming themselves to deal with these intruders…
Freeing thomas part 1!
Helloooo father Hotness

The group decided to look for Brother Thomas for his advice, but he had been kidnapped! Serenity asked the group for help, and revealed that he had been captured by the Mechanists and was being held at the Hammerite Cathedral. In order to free him, the group created a daring plan that involved Fiora and Ellen giving a priest a holy vision.

Ellyn used one of Dara’s IgnoreMe potions and was able to sneak into St. Jenel’s building. Fiora was able to “find a room unlocked” and Ellyn and Fiora hid in the bedroom of a priest. A muscular priest, with brilliant eyes and a toned body walked in, finding his room strangely unlocked. He knelt to pray at his shrine, and Ellyn conjured a Spirit Light while Fiora spoke to him. She told him that he had been chosen to ascend in the Hammerite Leadership, and that he should root out corruption. He would receive a sign. He forges some chains and hangs them around his window

Fiora and Ellyn are able to leave after he falls asleep, and sneak through the graveyard. Fiora made it to the wall, while Ellyn crept through the graveyard. There she discovered some shadowy figures wandering through the graves at night. Eventually, Fiora and Ellyn were able to make it over the wall, but had to leave their rope behind.

In preparation of the fiery day, Ellyn and Fiora bought several containers filled with Lantern oil – kerosine.
Shep made a friend!
Her name is Morticana, and she is scary.

So Fiora took the evil statue to her friends, only to find out that the statue had been tampered with, and the darkness within released. She left the statue with these friends, and returned to find out who tampered with the statue. Shep readily admitted to tampering with the statue, and releasing his newest friend! The group rushes over to the Haughty Ronin Inn to find a raven haired young woman, recently washed sleeping on a bed. The woman quickly reveals that her name is Morticana and she is a “Feather of Death.” She has agreed to help Shep four times in his quest for justice against the Religious elite, and afterwards he will not attempt to hinder her departure in any way, and she will leave peacefully. It is not clear what will happen if this agreement is broken somehow.

Morticana appears to be quite willing to answer questions about her past… which is rather extensive. The last time she wandered upon this plane of existence was during the war of Babylon, which sounds like it happened a long time ago. Since then she has been imprisoned in a dark void, and only recently has been able to make her way back to earth, only to be captured by Constructor Amedus and imprisoned in a statue. She wishes to find her Brothers and Sisters, who may or may not be trapped in the other statues in the Constructor’s inner sanctum, deep below the Cathedral that has been damaged in two separate attacks in the past month.

There are some discussions about what is evil, and what is dark. The distinction doesn’t seem to be clear, but everyone who could be creeped out by bad magical juju is creeped out by Morticana. The group decides to allow her to Rest in Peace for the time being, until they figure out what to do with her.

Sorting of the loot

Dara and Kov set up a new healing recipe for curing infections using pure spring water, lamb’s blood, and bread mold. Dara plans to sell it to the lords and ladies for cash, and a shot at having more information. Meanwhile, Fiora, Shep, and Ellyn return to examine what it is they have stolen from the Hammerite temple. There are four items. A gold necklace with a hammer, a silver jeweled hammer, a marble statue, and a giant ruby. The gold necklace does not have any particularly strong magical abilities that you are aware of. The silver jeweled hammer seems to be able to drive out unholy spirits, like the feeling in Shep’s arm. The Giant ruby seems to be a focus of faith and legal scrutiny, and Fiora insist that she look after if for safekeeping. Meanwhile, the marble statue which was an important component of Constructor Amedus’ magical power has been recovered by the brilliant Shep. The statue is possessed with a powerful dark magic, and Shep claims he can speak with it, but recommends that no one else talk to it. The group has agreed that Fiora should take the statue to her “special friends” who will know what to do with it. It is unlikely that anything will go wrong with this plan.

The Rise of the Mechanists, death of the Constructor
One morning a bunch of giant clockwork robots stormed the Cathedral

One bright Tuesday morning, Ellyn, Shep, and Fiora were startled from conversations about tight pants to discover that giant clockwork warriors were marching down the street through the eastern quarter towards the southern quarter. They followed the giant mechanical creations to discover that they were being led by the heads of the Mechanist Heresy, Cerices and Mendicus to the recently ruined Hammerite Cathedral. There, they challenged Constructor Amedus with using black magic and corrupting the Hammerite Church. Amedus charged all the mechanists present with heresy, and struck Cerices down with a giant lightning bolt from the sky. Shep, Ellyn, and Fiora decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to try to loot the temple. Fiora was able to discover that the Eye had been stolen before she had arrived, but consoled herself by stealing an enormous ruby from the statue of St. Yora. She was not able to avoid detection, but she was able to avoid harm.

As a group, Shep, Ellyn, and Fiora snuck downstairs to the manufacturing facility and were able to manufacture a duplicate key to the Constructor’s inner sanctum, which while still filled with statues, was now arcing bolts of magical energy to a Hammerite Holy Symbol encrusted hourglass filled with blood. After carefully assessing the situation, the trio decided to not touch the room, steal anything valuable that wasn’t nailed down, and retreat, which they did.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Constructor was killed with a ballista bold through the chest, after having destroyed some twenty-four mechanical creations with fire that shot through his giant hammer, and most townsfolk believe that he made a brave stand, and wielded the holy wrath of the Builder.

Grabbing the Dude from the Snuggly Duckling

- A royal guard named Heathcliff admitted to conspiring with bad peeps to frame Duke Anestes.
- Jascous found out and sent Heathcliff, guarded by Psionen, to us so we can catch his evil/bad guy contact.
- The contact was supposed to meet Heathcliff at the Snuggly Duckling. They met. Psionen messed it up. Emily threw the potion and then used intimidation for the win. The bad guy stank
- Kov and Shep followed the bad guy down the street, singing all the way. It was glorious and slightly flat. They knocked out the bad guy and brought him back to the Haughty Ronan.
- Psionen wanted to take bad guy directly to Jascous, but Dara was having none of that. Shep took bad guy upstairs, Dara fed him a truth potion, and started asking him questions. It’s at this point out heroes discover the bad guy’s name is Lenix . They also learned:
1) His real name is Yvail Hannasen. However I can spell Lenix, so that’s what I’ll call him.
2) Lenix works for a mage named Sir Ashan Madashu.
3) Ashan is a mage who lives on Duke Lenos’s estate. Sometimes his wife calls him Truffles.
4) Lenix/Ashan plotted to bring down Duke Anestes, but they don’t have any other current plans to bring down the other nobles.
5) Duke Anestes is not really in favor of the queen, but he is not currently plotting anything against her that Lenix knows about.
- We sent Jascous a note with this information in it and helped Psionen get Heathcliff and Lenix back to Jascous

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